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MedTel healthcare is a platform that offers care solutions for patients. It offers disease management and diagnosis of a particular disease
MedTel wanted us to develop an SEO strategy for their website. Through their digital platform, MedTel aimed to attract an audience requiring healthcare facilities. To reach out to the specific audience, they also required SMM services from us.
We extended our help to MedTel in assisting them with social media management and SEO. Under SMM, we provided premium content writing and graphic designing services. We assured the audience about MedTel’s health care services through content writing. We further prepared attractive banners and posters to engage the audience. Under SEO, we targeted an audience suffering from low-moderate diseases requiring medical attention.
As a result, we recorded 126.50% of search traffic through our persuasive content. Implementing SEO in MedTel’s website increased the website traffic by 70%. We handled its Facebook account where we received more than 1500 leads. Thus, with consequent efforts, we recorded a conversion rate of 354.53%.

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