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Jindal Pipes & Fittings is India’s largest steel pipe conglomerate that provides high-quality products for plumbing, irrigation, and other agricultural fittings.
For a scalable business, like Jindal, the client wanted to generate true leads & fuel growth in the business. With good market coverage, the client wanted to increase their engagement with the audience.
We decided to implement strategic growth in Jindal through performance marketing and social media advertising. To fuel the growth, we implemented pay per click advertising in social media.
By taking the strategy of Arambhh Digital, the company was able to generate 27,000+ leads through social media paid advertising. By transforming the content into sales, the company gained true leads through performance marketing. A total impression of 2Cr was achieved through the strategies and helped in outranking the competitors. At a conversion rate of 2%, we helped the client in generating successful and qualified leads.

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