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Lala Purshottam Das Jewellers’ is a premier fourth-generation family business. The business is in constant touch with new trends and designs for their growth.
Social media has transformed the jewellery industry where businesses are thriving. A social media presence is compulsory in present-day business. The client wanted Aarambhh to manage their online reputation via Facebook & Instagram.
We provided SMM services to the jewellers by appointing a social media manager. An audit of the client’s social media helped in ascertaining the present situation. After the assessment, the strategy to organic reach settled through creating content. Our manager assured them to post quality content and creatives for the audience. To market their products, we used moment marketing with a trending aspect. Further, we implemented contests and giveaways to increase social media engagement.
As a result, the client’s Facebook and Instagram accounts received an organic reach of 1,19,867 and 1,782. Implementing moment marketing increased the impressions of Facebook and Instagram as well. Instagram recorded 12,190 impressions whereas Facebook recorded 1,56,783.

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