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The internet has brought a drastic change in the way customers used to search products and buy them. Also, the way of advertising and selling the products by companies has also changed. In the current scenario, marketers are capable enough to congregate campaign data and compare the results there and then. However, in earlier times such imputation was not possible. Transparency of data enables marketers to optimize their campaigns for an optimum performance, which is also known as ‘Performance Marketing’.

What do you mean by Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is basically a term dedicated to the online marketing campaigns where marketing companies are paid by advertisers for the results that they have achieved in terms of clicks or conversions. Performance marketing is one of the popular digital marketing services that helps in driving actions, further tracking and measuring them while attributing the ROI of all the assets, campaigns or activities.
Performance marketing is a powerful tool of an advertiser that helps in getting desired results, which are sales, lead, or click. In addition to this, performance marketing services only charge for the successful transactions. While in other methods of advertising, the advertiser has to make a fee payment for an ad space independent of performance, and that too without even seeing a conversion.


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During our partnership with Aarambhh Digital, we were shown promising new ways to market our company. And, we are glad that we started with them. Today we are working with statistics and more accurate data and realize the digital space is an essential to position ourselves in an increasingly competitive field.

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We are a protective gear manufacturers and a lifestyle brand, contacted Aarambhh Digital for performance marketing services. Upon partnering, we developed a great business relationship with them. However, we had worked with several other companies, but none could deliver results. So, we are happy to say that Aarambhh stood on our expectations.

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It was unbelievable when we saw the impressions were more than 2 crores in such short time-frame. Aarambhh Digital has made a huge difference to our business. The appreciation must go to their good team work and knowledge of marketing techniques. The results that they provided us are better than ever and we are getting more people contacting us.

How is Performance Marketing different from other services?

Performance marketing is one of the most effective market services that helps in achieving great results with less money spent. Below are a few comparisons that would give you a better understanding.

Performance Marketing vs Brand Marketing

In today’s time, the market is brand saturated and customers also focus on the same. Hence, becoming the centre of attraction is just not easy. Therefore, brand awareness is of utmost importance. You can choose a lot of methods for increasing brand awareness like native advertising, content marketing, social media campaigns, and more. And, some of them are a part of performance marketing as these can be measured and advertisers only pay for specific actions.

Performance Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, a definite subdivision of performance marketing, is completely metrics and goals driven. In affiliate marketing, commission is earned for the online promotion of a product or a service. In affiliate marketing, promotion is done on the behalf of the merchant for achieving traffic, clicks and sales to the client’s website. Payments are only received for the actions taken like clicks, leads and conversions.

Performance Marketing vs Programmatic Marketing

An automated method of purchasing an ad space by targeting the most relevant audience at nominal rates is programmatic marketing. It is an important part of performance marketing as it lets the advertisers buy suitable placements and increase their ROI.

What are the different ways of measuring Performance Marketing?

Return on Investment (ROI) is a defining element of performance marketing in which all the actions and activities are measured, reported and analyzed with the pre-defined KPIs. Hence, you can easily understand the performance of an on-going campaign and further optimize it for an improved performance.
Following are the key metrics for measuring performance marketing:


CPM is the Cost Per Mille that an advertiser pays for 1000 impressions of a digital ad. In more simple words, it is the price for every 1000 times an ad is shown to viewers. CPM ascertains the price of the ad shown to the viewers.


CPC stands for Cost Per Click that signifies the price paid for every time a viewer clicks on an ad. It is a better indicator of engagement in comparison to CPM because the viewer actually clicks on the ad. Higher the CPC higher is the value of the conversion.


CPA is Cost Per Action that helps in measuring the performance of a campaign as per the desired action that you wish that your user audience should take. It can be signing up, subscribing, downloading an eBook, purchasing an item, or more.


LTV focuses on the speculated ‘Lifetime Value’ of a particular customer during his/her entire relationship with the company. LTV evaluates the expected amount spent on acquired customers on the basis of their ongoing activity.

What are different types of Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing has made its name in the digital world owing to the new technology and change in consumer behavior. In the current scenario, digital marketing mainly focuses on ‘targeting the right people on the right device at the right time’. With the help of advanced tools and technology, performance marketers can create high-performing campaigns for different types of audiences who have different goals.
SEM, also known as search engine marketing, is one of the important parts of performance marketing. It is the placement of paid ads on search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine marketing is highly effective as it lets the users see highly targeted ads that are related to their products or services.
Native advertising is another important performance marketing tactic that has gained a lot of popularity. These advertisements are more effective in comparison to display ads as these do not hamper the user’s browsing experience. Moreover, these ads fit perfectly on the web page.

What is the process to build a performance marketing strategy?

You can explore a broad gamut of performance marketing channels and campaigns that help you build an effective performance marketing strategy for the target audience.
Listed below are the steps that you can follow:

Step 1: Set the goal of your campaign

Setting up your campaign goal should be your top priority even before measuring its success. While generating brand awareness or selling products, one of the important steps of performance marketing is to set the goal. Your campaign goals would determine where your ad will be shown, who will be the audience, and several other factors that would lead you to success.
Following are the popular digital marketing goals:

● Generating brand awareness
● Website traffic
● Remarketing
● Engagement
● Lead generation
● Sales

Once the goals are set, you can use ad platforms to create campaigns that are goals targeted.

Step 2: Choose the right digital channel(s)

In performance marketing, it is good to explore numerous digital channels rather than exploring one channel. By checking out several options, you will be able to spread campaign exposure and expand the chances for success. By exploring different options that could be native advertising, social media platforms, or affiliate marketing, you can easily find your target audience.

Step 3: Create and launch the campaign

Creating a campaign is of utmost importance which involves a lot of hard work like identifying the target audience, understanding their requirements, creating ads accordingly and seizing their attention. If you easily understand the target audience, their requirements and how your product or service will appeal to them, then it will be easier to create the best ad copy and schedule the same.

Step 4: Measure and optimize the campaign

The show begins once the campaign is launched. Post-launch, the campaign generates data and the marketer optimizes it for performance. Keeping a track of analytics and metrics helps in determining which source is amongst the best performing one. Performance marketing campaigns can be used to grow sales and also in identifying the best channels, audiences, and campaign objectives thUs increasing ROI.

Step 5: Handle possible risks

There are some anticipated challenges with every marketing campaign that might include:

● Safety of brand
● Compliance-related issues
● Privacy regulations
● Click frauds & bot traffic
● Publisher fraud and placement transparency

You can reduce potential risks by focusing on your resources where brand safety and data privacy are of utmost importance.

What are the benefits of Performance Marketing?

One of the best examples of performance marketing is native advertising in which advertisers develop ad campaigns for a specific conversion goal, and pay for clicks. Benefits of performance marketing are as follows:

Tracking performance is easy

Performance marketing campaigns can be easily tracked and measured. The data analytics tools can be used by performance marketers to keep a tab of performance campaigns and modify them accordingly to get better results.

Less risk factor

Performance marketers can sense what is good for the campaign, optimize the campaign and reduce the risk whenever needed


Performance marketing is ROI driven hence it is important to improve the performance of the campaign. Also, it is important to work for better results and uplift the brand that would increase leads and sales.

Performance Marketing FAQs

Digital marketing comprises several aspects and activities of marketing across digital channels on the internet. Digital marketing services include SEO, email marketing communications, website design and more.
A digital marketing specialist is someone who understands how to develop and utilize various marketing strategies online and further get the results accordingly.
Through performance marketing services you will gain a lot of customers on websites and help in building a lot of revenue.

Aarambhh Digital - Performance Marketing

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