Linkedin Best for Lead Generation on B2B Businesses

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Social media management is the skill that makes marketers use LinkedIn to have the latest and updated business information that helps them to immediately reach their target audience. Linkedin helps to make the marketers use relevant and useful content applicable for the good growth of their businesses.

LinkedIn is the most effective social media marketing platform that generates maximum B2B leads successfully. It provides complete information about relevant persons in the business with details of their positions in the organization, their seniority with information about the industry with details such as its location, etc. It helps businesses to connect with the right people in the correct way to successfully generate business and sales. 

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful online social platforms, especially for B2B marketers. LinkedIn is the social media marketing service that helps B2B marketers to target their specific audience most successfully through its powerful content marketing channel. It brings the business to the top of social media charts.

LinkedIn is the ideal social media marketing service that helps in building business networking and showcasing services or products that helps in generating maximum leads for B2B businesses. The features in Linkedin provide maximum returns to the B2B marketers among all the social media marketing services. 

Why to use LinkedIn as the most powerful lead generator for B2B businesses? 

Currently, Linkedin has more than 750 million members and this number is still growing in leaps and bounds. It is the topmost website for businesses now. The volume of business professionals present in Linkedin is shattering. All of them are collected at the same place that provides maximum returns on your marketing efforts. 


Linkedin helps B2B marketers to find business partners. It also is a powerful medium to introduce the company to potential customers and clients. It makes the efficient manpower want to join the company as employees. There are more than 46 million decision-makers on Linkedin. More than 10 million C-level executives are also on Linkedin. You can find top influencers to help you promote your B2B business in the market on Linkedin. Because of these, Linkedin is the lead channel in B2B lead funnel framework. Most potential buyers spend their maximum purchase time on Linkedin. Linkedin has proved itself as the most effective demand-generating marketing channel tool. 

#1. LinkedIn provides you with the greatest advantage of context in your B2B marketing work. Users visit Linkedin to gather experience as business professionals on Linkedin. Linkedin is a powerful provider of time management solutions for B2B business professionals and their companies and acts as a powerful training software for the lead employees. 

The advertisements posted on Linkedin appear in a news feed. It is exclusively industry news and has important information such as career training and tips, advice of experts, their recommendations etc. Your advertisements on Linkedin are always received better by professionals than on other social media platforms. People who are interested in improving their industries are always connected with Linkedin. Linkedin is the most effective promotional tool for your product and its promotional campaign. Linkedin has visitors who mean real business and that only brings results more effectively. 

#2. Linkedin uses advertising data directly from its users. This makes your company come right in front of your targeted customers in the very first place. Linkedin has limitless customer targeting strategies. It determines the targeting parameters first to effectively reach the targeted audience. Its strategic testing decides the audience that generates the maximum results in business. Linkedin ensures reaching the audience to provide optimal business performance. 

#3. Linkedin can identify the target audience you wish to reach from your own business data such as your emails etc. It can match profiles to provide a matched audience best profitable for your business. Linkedin has a targeting tool as account targeting. It helps you to do account-based marketing. It shows names of specific companies for you to do business with by matching them with your profile. Linkedin has a lookalike audience tool that can create a lookalike audience for you. These tools work as exceptions to exclude competitors or your already existing customers. You can add a Linkedin insight tag to your website that will retarget the visitors to your website with relevant content. It will also provide you with specific and actionable audience data, resulting in maximum clicks. 

#4. Linkedin makes you use the right tool at the time of need. It offers various advertisement objectives. It has website visit objectives or generates traffic to the site or to a particular page of the website. Every click becomes a click to your website. You do not waste your money with extraneous clicks with Linkedin traffic advertisements. 

Linkedin ads are also lead generation ads. It has a specific lead generation objective that helps in generating sales from the visiting traffic. It includes a native form, which appears when the user clicks the CTA button. Linkedin auto-fills the form with the information on the user’s profile. This lead generation objective can only be used with single image ads, sponsored ads, video ads, or carousel ads. 

Linkedin offers various ad formats. It has single image ads, carousel ads, video ads, text ads and spotlight ads, etc. Linkedin InMail is also available for users.  It is like Mail Chimp or any other automated email platform. You can use any Linkedin targeting tool with Linkedin InMail. It gives an open rate of 60% against 10% of ordinary emails. 

#5. Linkedin leverages your employees for distributing demand generation content. It makes your employees a great asset for generating business. It also helps in optimizing the brand and product value of your company. 

Lead generation techniques for B2B business through LinkedIn: 

You need to:

  • Optimize the page of your company. 
  • Optimize your Linkedin profile. 
  • Grow and develop your connections in Linkedin. 
  • Need to regularly share contents relevant to your industry. 
  • Need to share video posts on your Linkedin company pages. 
  • Have to pin a post on top of the feed. 
  • Repeatedly retarget the visitors to your website on Linkedin. 
  • Retarget contacts using matched audiences. 
  • Take the help of Lookalike Audience to find new prospects. 
  • Paid campaigns by using lead forms. 
  • You can turn popular posts into sponsored posts. 
  • By strategically displaying Linkedin display. 
  • By creating events on your Linkedin page. 
  • By finding details of your contacts through LinkedIn. 

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