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Everyone is talking about the ChatGPT these days as this AI-powered chatbot launched by OpenAI appears to have taken the world by storm. It’s unarguably the fastest-growing consumer app in history with a user base of more than 100 million only within a span of 2 months!

Now, with the number of ChatGPT users increasing by the day, OpenAIi has been busy upgrading it to make its responses more accurate. Now, one may wonder, what is it that makes this app so unique? It’s because it is equipped to produce human-like responses to any kind of query a user has. The replies are well-structured and backed with robust facts. 

How Does the Chatgpt Bot Work?

This chatbot is based on Generative Pre-trained Transformer and is a neural network that trains a machine to do tasks that fall under NLP (Natural Language Processing). So, GPT enables this app to respond through a conversation where the neural network actually mimics the human brain and understands human languages that are typed or spoken. 

However, this is not to say that the tool is perfect. Regardless of all the noise it’s making, it’s a work in progress and needs regular updates. Users have faced many problems with its responses, particularly where facts are concerned. A reason for this is that the information it works with is limited to 2021. So, if you were to ask this chatbot questions about events after 2021, it may not be able to provide accurate answers.

Another cause for concern is the possible misuse of the app. This chatbot can be manipulated to provide answers that it isn’t programmed to, like generating phishing emails or ransomware. These are major disadvantages of the AI-powered bot that shouldn’t be overlooked. These are the reasons why OpenAI has introduced updates to this application.

Will Updates Improve Chatgpt’s Accuracy?

To enhance its mathematical capabilities and improve factual accuracy, OpenAI upgraded the app on January 30, 2023. There is still no clarity on ways in which the upgrade has impacted responses by the bot. Experts have however agreed that the update was needed because the chatbot wasn’t always precise in solving mathematical problems. Now, the expectation is that the timely update will enable this AI chatbot to provide more accurate results for mathematical calculations. What’s the result? It will now be more appealing for students and those working in the fields of statistical research and data science. Wherever number crunching is involved, this chatbot will prove to be useful.

The announcement of the update was in the form of a pop-up greeting for users which lists the changes in the “Jan 9 version”. This is the second update for ChatGPT which was launched in November 2022. According to the pop-up message, improvements have been made to the model and the hope is that it will perform better across an extensive range of topics. 

Another new feature is the stop button that lets users pause the chatbot while it’s releasing a response. Lengthy responses can prove to be quite annoying for users, especially when they aren’t useful and cannot be stopped midway. However, this new feature is quite a blessing as you don’t have to wait for the app to complete a response before sending a fresh query. The latest update was focused on improving its mathematical capabilities while the first update was for improving overall performance.

This update has been welcomed because users feel that it will strengthen the app to handle complex calculations henceforth. Once that happens, ChatGPT will prove to be an invaluable resource for researchers and students. It will be the most useful tool for people needing fast reliable data. In keeping with this new trend Google Bard AI tool has been launched by Google to counter ChatGPT by OpenAI. 

Now the question is, how far is this update successful in making ChatGPT more accurate?

In practice, it’s been seen that the app is not really as perfect at solving complicated mathematical problems. At the same time, there are significant functional improvements that heighten the chances of getting factually-correct information. One of the most notable improvements is that you can no longer manipulate this app to provide an incorrect answer. In short, ChatGPT will continue providing the correct answers even when you try and convince it otherwise.

Twitter users have pointed out that the bot struggles with equations typed as sentences instead of symbols or numbers. However, it seems to work rather well when fed with questions from standardized tests, like SAT. A reason why this may be happening is that the language is something that it is familiar with, unlike user-typed queries that it sees for the first time. Feedback from users appears to be mixed as far as the update goes.

What is important to note is that OpenAI has worked relentlessly to make this chatbot flawless and since its release, this is not the first update. It shows OpenAI’s efforts to stay ahead of others in the field of Artificial Intelligence. While its capabilities keep improving with every update, a lot remains to be achieved. Given its history, one can expect OpenAI to roll out more updates in the future to boost its accuracy even further.

As of now, it’s hard to identify areas where ChatGPT can deliver better responses. If OpenAI could give an idea about this, it would benefit users. Normally whenever updates are made to AI models like the ChatGPT, the objective is to boost performance in one or many aspects. It could be improvements in the architecture or access to a larger dataset to train with so that responses are more accurate and fluent. Any update will therefore make the bot better in factuality so that it is able to understand and give responses backed by accurate facts.

So, use the ChatGPT by all means as a reliable source of data but exercise caution at the same time. It’s not yet perfect, but with regular updates directed at improving its functionalities, it could soon become more dependable than you ever imagined.

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