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Social Media management has become a very important skill to master for you if you are really interested to use social media as a platform for doing online business promotions. There are many social media marketing platforms available now for you for your doing online business promotions. Instagram is one social media platform that has gained popularity in the year 2022.

Instagram was first launched as a social platform for personal profiles. But Instagram introduced Business Profile in the year 2016. Many of the businesses have converted their personal profiles to business profiles since then.

Facebook took over Instagram and started using this social platform as an extension of its social platform. Instagram now emphasized the visuals, which contributed largely to accommodating business advertisements, promotional activities on this social platform, and for making this platform for business accounts.

Businesses were hesitant at first to make Instagram their business accounts because of the lower organic reach of Facebook pages. But Instagram gained ground in business accounts as Facebook did not have any particular business page. It was working only on personal profiles.

What is Instagram?

Instagram was originally launched as an application for sharing photographs. The users could assign filters to photos on Instagram before sharing them with the followers. Weird things were done on Instagram and Facebook allowed users to send messages to others through Instagram, similar to Facebook.

Instagram is primarily a mobile application but can also be accessed through a desktop device. Desktop devices are now capable of posting new photos, videos, or stories, making your mobile phone no longer needed for this purpose.

How Instagram Helps in Promoting Business?


Instagram can promote business activities through social media management services. Instagram is relatively the youngest among all social media platforms and has successfully drawn the attention of younger users. The younger audience is fans of Instagram because of the prominence of visuals on the site. So, Instagram can easily influence the younger audience with its visuals, photos, and videos.

  • Instagram Has a Larger Audience:

The audience is more captivating on Instagram and is larger in size than in any other social media marketing service. The younger generation of Instagram users scroll Instagram regularly for new photographs, quotations, etc from other social media platforms and this also includes business promotion activities.

Social media marketing is now becoming less popular on social platforms such as Facebook. Younger audiences are no longer attached to them as they are with Instagram. The younger audience is brand conscious, and Instagram promotes brands more vehemently. A Tik Tok feature recently launched by Instagram is producing fast updates and the younger audience stays tuned to it to be updated equally fast.

  • Instagram Has Younger Female Audience:

Businesses with female products will have the desired success with Instagram as Instagram has a very large younger female audience. This part of the audience reinvests 90% of their income into their families and communities. They are more open to the market than men. Men will spare only up to 30% of their income. So, Instagram targets the right segment of the audience who are willing to spend their money on products they like. The female audience has a bigger heart while doing their shopping than men.

  • Instagram as an Advertisement Platform:

Instagram is a social media platform that has its own ad platform. You can use it to post your ads if you are too busy to do it yourself. Instagram has Facebook and can offer additional exposure of ads on platforms such as Facebook. Instagram offers greater and quicker exposure for your advertisements to a vast section of the audience.

Available advertisements on Instagram business accounts allow you to study your business statistics more closely and accurately. You can understand your targeted audience better through Instagram. You have a thorough knowledge of your audience, knowing their origin, their likings and disliking, and their favorite activities. Their availability on Instagram provides you with all this information to deal with them better and effectively, for doing better business with them.

  • Instagram Engages You with Your Customers:


Instagram makes your engagement with your customers with its visuals, stories, features, and messages. Engagement with your customers is crucial for you to do a better business and Instagram helps in it.

The messenger application conveys your stories to your users. You can also respond to comments and comment on other Instagram posts. It is a key to your business success. Instagram is not a runaway social platform. You have to engage in this network. You cannot post a comment on Instagram with five or more five tags in it.

You can use a listening tool for monitoring Instagram for you. Tools like Brand 24 make your use of Instagram for business promotion easier and help you to save time.

  • Instagram Helps You to Increase Your Digital Visibility:

Instagram provides you and your business exposure to a different and more aware audience. This segment of the audience is more internet friendly and searches websites frequently. Your posting on Instagram will definitely increase your brand’s or product’s visibility online. Your reach to the audience will be far greater and those who have left other social sites also will be engaged with you through your website.

You can use up to 30 of the hashtags on Instagram. It is the key. You can use any hashtag tool for this purpose. It will help you to select and use the right hashtags. 12 hashtags per post are always ideal.

It is not necessary to have a large following on Instagram. The audience should be engaged. The audience should engage with your link or stories.

Instagram is a time-consuming social media marketing service. You have to allot some certain time every day if you decide to use Instagram as your social media marketing service for your social media management work.

You must do quality work on Instagram. You must post quality photos and stories on this platform. Then only you will be able to engage your targeted audience with you.

Remember, your quality of work on Instagram will fetch you the same quality of customers to you for your business.

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